Amanda Bynes Nude

If you think that she’s “all that”, then you aren’t the only one.  Amanda Bynes has been charming her way to audience’s hearts even before she became a regular cast member on Nickolodeon‘s “Figure It Out” and “All That” in 1996.  That’s because she’s been appearing in stage plays ever since she was a young girl, although it was probably the Arsenio Hall and Richard Pryor comedy camp that she attended that really brought her comedic talents to fore.  And those talents were really put to good use in “The Amanda Show“, where Amanda Bynes really shone as the star of one of Nickolodeon’s most popular shows of that era.

With talent like hers, along with a cute face and slender, sexy body, it wasn’t long before Amanda crossed over to doing more mainstream Hollywood fare, with her movie debut coming after the end of “The Amanda Show” in 2002, with “Big Fat Liar”.  More movies followed, and more successes too, as Amanda proved a consistent performer in teenage romantic comedies, like “What A Girl Wants” and “She’s The Man”, as well as in a mainstream sitcom, with “What I Like About You”.  Seeing Amanda Bynes nude was something a lot of guys wanted to do, right about then.

With her everygirl appeal and showbiz success, it isn’t surprising that she’s one of Teen People’s “25 Hottest Stars Under 25″, and the fifth highest paid celebrity under 21 on Forbes’ list last year.  She’s also been lauded by parents everywhere for being such a good role model.  But that was when she was a teenager.  She’s a young adult now, and even though she may not party as hard as Lindsay and her other contemporaries, you know that deep down inside, Amanda’s got to feel the need to get naughty, just like any hot, young girl.  And you’ll see that desire come to life in Amanda Bynes Nude.  Check it out, and you’ll discover that “all that” means she’ll do anything for her man in bed…