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Amanda Bynes Tries Some Dirty Threesome Action

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

Well, it had to happen sooner or later once Amanda started going down the road of explicit sexual pleasure.  When Amanda Bynes started having hot, sweaty hardcore sex with different men, it was only a matter of time before she decided to expand her range, and start going for dirtier, kinkier things.  And that’s why we have Amanda taking on two cockstuds at once in these pictures here.  She’s a hard worker, being the down-to-earth gal that she is, so constantly improving her carnal skills isn’t something that should surprise anyone, once she decided that doing some really hardcore sex was important to her.  So whether it’s sucking two cocks at once, or being sandwiched between two guys who want to fuck her at the same time, you know that Amanda can handle anything that comes at her (especially semen) with the same poise that she handles her successful career with.

But handling cock should be her main focus when she’s doing these things, and not making funny faces.  Still, she’s good at doing both, so why not mix the two?  You can see more of her sexy naked body and her hardcore sessions when you check out this link!

Amanda Bynes Goes Hardcore

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

It’s something that you wouldn’t expect form a down-to-earth celebrity like her, who doesn’t even have any tabloid headlines about getting drunk at any Hollywood nightspot.  But it looks like Amanda Bynes skipped getting bombed at parties and went straight to getting caught in some really hardcore sex sessions, when it comes to having scandalsOther blogs have picked up on this news, and like everyone else, they’re celebrating with glee at the thought of this sweet, wholesome gal finally getting down and dirty!

It looks like she was having a bit of difficulty during her first fuck fests, as she has a look of happy bewilderment while trying to ride some guy’s huge cock.  But soon that carnal ecstasy takes over, and she gets a lot better at it, as can be seen by the wide smiles of pleasure that she gives the camera while her face is splattered with cum, in the other photos.  That’s our gal!  You know that with Amanda, if the first time’s not the charm, she’ll just keep on plugging away at it until she gets it right, and it looks to be that way when it comes to hardcore fucking, too!

For more dirty Amanda Bynes pictures and videos, click on that link, and have all your fantasies fulfilled as far as this cutie is concerned…