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More Nude Pics From Amanda Bynes

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Well, we haven’t heard a lot from Amanda Bynes recently as she’s been laying low I guess.  Or maybe that just means that her career hasn’t been doing too great, with her last movie coming in 2007 with Sydney White and the highly successful Hairspray.  Although I think she does have an up coming project called Easy A, which is a comedy, duh!  Like she’d ever consent to doing something serious, she knows which side her bread is buttered on.

Of course that all means that she’s got a lot of free time on her hands.  Which brings us to what we’ve heard recently about Amanda going around town and clubbing.  Well, I guess after all the hardcore fuck sessions she’s had, she deserves the chance to have some fun, although we’re definitely not fans of the idea of Amanda Bynes drinking and ending up in the tabloids like Lindsay Lohan!

We prefer her in these nude pics, which are nice and tasteful (as well as tasty), just with her legs spread open and alcohol-free!  So enjoy these pics while you can because it looks like Amanda might be on her way to skank-ville.  No, we’re not being hypocritical when we say that we prefer her as a slut, but not as a drunk.  Check out the aforementioned Lindsay Lohan to see what’s happened to her career.  Besides, we prefer our slut disease-free!  Go check out Amanda Bynes Nude for more of this lovely whore