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A Sultry Nude Hawaiian Vacation For Amanda Bynes

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

Regular folk like to get away to Hawaii once in a while, and Amanda Bynes is no exception.  What she does there though, might be a bit different from what other people do there, like get naked on the balcony and take pictures.  Okay, so maybe that’s what a lot of people when they get to Hawaii too, which just goes on to prove Amanda’s everygirl appeal.  She seems a lot more accessible than her peers because she’s just like us, with none of the elitist trappings some stars get when they hit it big.  Which is why she likes to take nude photos of herself while on vacation, just like the rest of us.

But what she’s got that puts her above most of the population is of course her cute face and sexy, slender body.  Just look at how cute she looks smiling there with the beautiful landscape at her back.  I bet you never noticed that lovely background, because of the beauty of the main subject in the foreground, which is a naked Amanda Bynes showing off her slim, nubile body.  Her breasts look absolutely perfect, not too big or too small, and her shaved pussy is positively mesmerizing.  She’s no partygal, so that pussy must still be so smooth and tight

Boy, I’d love to be on vacation with this hottie, wouldn’t you?  Well, the next best thing if we can’t swing an encounter with her at some tropical paradise would be seeing her naked body at those places, and other places as well.  That’s where this naughty site comes in, because you can see all of Amanda’s mischievous and raunchy adventures there.  Check it out now!

Amanda Bynes’ Boob Job

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

Amanda Bynes has always been the girl-next-door, not the classic kind, but more of the funny, sexy best-friend kind.  That’s her appeal to guys, and girls too, and it suits her pretty face and slender, tomboyish body.  But now that she’s growing up and angling to take on more mature roles, I guess she isn’t satisfied by what she has to offer physically anymore.  That’s apparent to us, because it looks like Amanda’s gone and gotten herself a nice boob job or two!

But hey, that’s every 90s Nickolodeon fan’s wet dream come true!  Sure, Amanda’s always been sexy, and a wet dream fantasy for many of her young male fans who’ve been growing up with her.  She’s a hottie, but she’s never been a babe, until now!  With those new titties, she can conquer new horizons in her career, or just make new conquests in her bed, whichever she wants to do first.  Sure, she’s a good girl, compared to Britney, Lindsay, and the rest of those sluts, but she’s still a young lady with needs and wants, just like any other hot girl out there.

And what she wants is more hot, steamy sex, we’re sure, just like you!  That’s why you have to check out Amanda Bynes nude and naughty on this certain website.  Just follow the link posted and you’ll be gasping with pleasure at the naughty things she does, which have never been revealed, until now!